Easy Ways to Change Your Look

Are you looking to create an entirely different look for yourself? While you might be tempted to head out and buy all new clothes in order to achieve this, the truth is that you don’t have to go to those extremes. By making a few simple changes, you can give yourself a makeover without breaking the bank.


New Eyewear

If you wear glasses, try investing in some new eyewear. By wear designer eyewear, you can give yourself a classy, sophisticated look, without having to purchase an entirely new wardrobe. In many cases, you will be able to find glasses that match anything that you could possibly want to wear.

Different Hairstyle

You might also consider getting a new haircut the next time you wish to create a new look. You don’t have to get a haircut at an expensive salon for it to be a good one, as many neighborhood salons can accomplish this at a fraction of the price. Look through a few magazines and see what you can find.

Updated Accessories

Adding a new accessories to your outfit can completely change the way that you look. Scarves, watches, hats and jewelry can all freshen up your appearance quickly and efficiently.

Do Boys and Men Develop Eating Disorders?

So many girls and women suffer from eating disorders that some people mistakenly think it can never happen to their sons, their brothers, their husbands and the other men and boys they know. Eating disorders have their roots in body dysmorphia, which is a mental disorder in which a person has a negative, unrealistic image of his own body. This can impact men as well as women.

Men develop eating disorders including bulimia when they experience deep shame at their appearance or fear that they’ll gain weight. Whereas anorexia makes people refuse to eat much at all, bulimia is responsible for people eating and then purging the food later by forcing themselves to vomit or otherwise be sick. It can be very dangerous and harmful to the sufferer’s digestive tract, mouth and teeth to do this in the long term, but it can be harder to catch if the person is eating in front of you. Watch for changes in behavior and see if you notice the person feeling sick on a consistent basis.

If you even suspect a loved one is suffering from an eating disorder, contact a behavioral medicine institute right away. While you can’t force someone into treatment, you can seek support and tips for holding an intervention or otherwise encouraging a loved one to seek treatment.

What You Should Know About Snoring

Are you a chronic snorer? If so, you have likely heard about it from your spouse, as well as other people in your home. Snoring can be highly annoying for anyone around you because it makes it very difficult for them to sleep. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to stop your snoring in the near future.

Common Cause

In many cases, snoring is caused by sleep apnea. If you are overweight, you have a much higher chance of developing sleep apnea and, therefore, snoring during your sleep. Make sure that you see a doctor if you have developed a snoring problem, as simply losing some weight could fix the issue.


If your weight isn’t the issue, you might want to visit someone who specializes in expert sleep aid in Louisville to dig deeper into your snoring. There are situations where custom mouthguards can help you to stop snoring. This is a popular method because it is not only easy, but also painless.


If your snoring has reached a more serious level, surgery might be the only option. This surgery is general recommended if your snoring is being caused by a deviated septum. Luckily, the surgery is minor and can repair a number of different breathing problems.

6 Things You Can Do Right Now to Prevent Kidney Stones

Have you ever had a kidney stone that warranted a trip to your local Atlanta urology clinic? If so, then you know full well how uncomfortable and painful they can be. The good news, there are some things you can do today to prevent the accumulation of these pesky stones, including the following.

  1. Avoid beverages that are sweetened with sucrose or high fructose corn syrup. Also, cut down on high oxalate drinks or dark colas, such as coffee, tea, sodas and cocoa.
  1. Drink a minimum of 2.5 liters of water every day. And when you go to the bathroom, pay attention to the color of your urine (to see if it’s too pale or too dark), and make sure you take frequent bathroom breaks – never hold your urine.
  1. Limit your daily salt intake to less than 2400mg every day (which is equivalent to one teaspoon of salt). Too much urinary sodium is linked to elevated urinary calcium, which can cause kidney stones.
  1. Consume less than two ounces of animal protein each day. This is because animal protein can lower the pH of your urine, which is not a good thing. It also increases urinary calcium and wipes out urinary citrate, both of which are bad news.
  1. Boost the amount of citrus you consume in your diet. This will help to normalize your urine pH and provide additional citrate to your urine.
  1. Take 1000 to 1200mg of calcium each day. Try to get this from your diet, rather than from supplements.

Practice these things today to lower your chance of developing kidney stones.

Reasons You Might Need Respite Care

Assisted living isn’t just for the disabled and elderly toward the end of their lives. In fact, temporary stays at a respite care center can actually make people more independent. Look into moving into rehabilitation and assisted living center under special circumstances, regardless of your age.


Many seniors needing respite care have been in an accident, whether it’s a vehicle accident or a fall at home or in public. If you injured anything during the accident, you’ll require physical therapy to recover and decrease your chances of falling again.


Illnesses such as a stroke may impact your mobility and require physical therapy to get your mobility back. Any sickness that makes you rest in bed for a long period can make your muscles atrophy and it’s important you slowly exercise under a professional’s guidance to regain mobility.


Even scheduled surgery can require physical therapy, especially if the surgery was done on a bone to increase your mobility.

Seniors who live at an assisted living center for a few weeks or months now actually delay when they’ll have to move into one full-time because it decreases the likelihood of greater injury following an accident, illness or surgery. Contact a respite care center representative with any questions about temporary stays at the facility.

Staying in Shape as You Age

As you reach your twilight years, staying in shape becomes much more difficult. This is especially true if you are involved in a fall and suffer an injury, as you might find it difficult to get back into shape. The following options allow you to incorporate some physical activity into your life, potentially keeping you healthier.

Physical Therapy Centers

Many nursing homes have senior physical therapy facilities built right in, so you won’t have to go anywhere to receive this care. These centers are especially important if you have hurt yourself, as they offer the opportunity to not only regain your strength, but also your confidence in yourself.

Going For Walks

Even just walking through the courtyard or around the block can do your body a world of good. This exercise not only keep you physical strong, but can also help you emotionally because it allows you to see more of the world. When all you see is the inside of your room, it can lead to depression.


See if it is possible to do some gardening within your retirement community. Gardening provides a surprising amount of exercise and allows you to get outside on a daily basis, which can help you emotionally.

Making Positive Choices in Life

Your life can go down many different paths and it is up to you to decide on how you want things to play out. If you have dealt with addiction in the past, or are dealing with it now, you know how quickly things can take a turn for the worst. Luckily, you always have the chance to make positive choices in your life and, hopefully, end up with the life of which you have always dreamed.

Asking For Help

Seeking treatment for substance abuse is perhaps one of the best choices you can make if you are struggle with a drug or alcohol problem. This treatment is extremely important because the people at the treatment center not only help you through your worst times, but also hold you accountable when you make poor choices.

Outpatient Care

Another choice that you might make is to engage in an outpatient program through the recovery center. These programs are usually between nine and 12 weeks in length and cover a variety of different techniques and topics. Family and friends are also encouraged to get involved.

Behavioral Growth

The end result of making the right choices is that you will grow as a person and will eventually be able to take control of your own life. Remember, however, this all starts by recognizing that you have a problem and making the choice to get some help.

Mending One’s Self

Whether because of a traumatic event, or just due to the natural wear and tear of life, we often start to feel the aches and pains of living. However, many of these pains can be alleviated through chiropractic care. Such care has been linked to the relief of back pain, ear infections, scoliosis, asthma, high blood pressure, and headaches. Due to the number of benefits, chiropractic care should be considered bay anyone considering pain relief.

Chiropractic therapy and massage can be useful during recovery from injury. Maintaining proper posture is important after a significant injury so that inflammation will be reduced and muscles properly used. With proper chiropractic adjustment, a person that achieves proper posture can find themselves relieved of common lower back pain and neck pain. These are some of the most common complains among patients.

It should not come as a surprise that many muscle pains are interrelated, and the muscles joining the neck, head, and back can all work together to cause injury and suffering. However, through proper treatment and massage, relief can be achieved. The largest benefit is the long term adjustment to posture, which can help maintain improvements a patient makes over the long term.

The Truth about Dental Implants

You may have heard some things about dental implants, but they may have been rumors or misconceptions. If you are considering dental implants, here are some facts you need to know.


Dental implants are long lasting solutions for people with severely damaged or missing teeth. The implant is attached to the jawbone and functions just like a real tooth.

Eligibility for Implants

Your dentist can tell you if you are a good candidate for implants. Age is not a factor but the condition of your jawbone could be a factor. Health conditions that are under control should not make a difference in eligibility.

Length of Time for Treatment and Healing

It will take several months for the implants to bond with the jawbone. For patients who need extensive work, it is possible to get all the surgery done in one day. Under sedation, you will get the implants and a temporary restoration until healing is complete. Teeth in a day in Phoenix, Arizona is an option if you are interested in this procedure.


The cost of dental implants will depend on the quality of the materials and expertise of the dentist. Some practices use only the best materials and have highly trained dentists. Since implants can last the rest of your life, that is also a factor in considering the costs.

How to Manage Incontinence in Women

If you have a leaky bladder as a woman, this can be quite stressful. However, there are many easy solutions that you can try to deal with many of these issues.

  • Drink less. Accidents are more common when you have a full bladder. If you drink a lot of any liquid, you will have to go to the bathroom more often. One of the best things to do is to limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol. Intake of both of these causes you to produce higher amounts of urine. Generally, you should drink no more than eight glasses of water per day. Try to cut back your liquid intake after 4 PM. This simple tip can be effective for treating stress incontinence in women.
  • Maintain a bathroom routine. It is hard to have a bladder accident if you don’t have anything in there. You should go to the bathroom on a regular schedule. In fact, you should urinate before you even feel the need. If you get the urge to go every 2.5 hours, then go every two hours.
  • Lose weight. Additional weight especially in the midsection can cause bladder control problems. The additional weight puts more pressure on either the bladder or urethra.

Managing your incontinence is definitely possible if you keep these simple ideas in mind.